Kavallerie PRO-Okay Help Boots for Horses – Highest Defense & Rehabilitation from Accidents & Strains of Flexor Tendon Area for Coaching, Leaping, Driving, Eventing-M-crystalline Evaluations

Kavallerie PRO-K Support Boots for Horses – Maximum Protection & Rehabilitation from Injuries & Strains of Flexor Tendon Region for Training, Jumping, Riding, Eventing-M-White

Kavallerie PRO-K Support Boots for Horses - Maximum Protection & Rehabilitation from Injuries & Strains of Flexor Tendon Region for Training, Jumping, Riding, Eventing-M-White

  • ✅ SHOCK-ABSORBING TECHNOLOGY. When your horse goes to work, it is imperative to provide him with absolute protection and support, especially for the soft tissues on his fetlock. These boots have premium-grade shock-absorbing DuroArmour which protects and supports your horse from extreme activities. The strike pad is anatomically-shaped to provide comfort and natural feel on the horse–allowing for uninhibited and free movements.
  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE. The PRO-K Support Boots are made from lightweight and top-grade materials ensuring maximum comfort breathability to your horse. It cushions the horse’s legs from force and blows; avoiding scrapes, bruises, and fractures caused by vigorous activities while allowing airflow to the horse’s legs. It is lightweight to avoid burdening the horse and controls heat buildup.
  • ✅ EASY TO WEAR AND PREVENTS SLIPPAGE. The Triple Velcro Support Lock straps provide maximum security and offer the perfect snug fit to your horse; a strong and nice grip that makes sure the boots doesn’t move around and stay in place. It also prevents the boots from opening up during movement. It’s easy to get on and off and the elastic band will keep it secured to your horse’ legs.
  • ✅ DURABLE AND EASY MAINTENANCE. Kavallerie PRO-K Support Boots fit your horse precisely, avoiding water and dirt build up that can be uncomfortable for the horse. It doesn’t shift during abrupt movements thanks to the triple-lock velcro that holds its place intact. The materials also do not tighten up when getting wet ensuring comfort and absolute support to your horse. Absolutely your partner in your daily riding activities.
  • ✅ STABILITY AND PROTECTION. Support boots aren’t just for support–it’s also for protection. Kavallerie’s Boots are specially designed to offer your horse maximum support and protection to the entire flexor tendon region. This ensures your horse get extra stability during daily or rigorous activities and decreases the chances of sustaining injuries. The lateral protection it provides helps with suspensory strains, injuries, and overall rehabilitation of your horses, making them more confident.


With the daily physical activities of your equine, either light or extreme, their legs would definitely need the best support and protection it could get. Thanks to Kavallerie PRO-K Support Boots, you will now have your peace of mind for your horse’s comfort and safety.

These boots meet both the support and protection demands with its premium craftsmanship and high-grade materials.

Specifically designed to use every day for aiding and prevention of soft tissue damage of the lower legs–helping your horse feel more confident in every step he makes both in and out of the arena.


Nobody wants to go through all the trouble of putting on and off of your horse’s boots. So we saved you from all that and made our PRO-K Support Boots with Triple Velcro Lock that is super strong and easy to put on. Not only that, it snugs and conforms to your horse’s legs perfectly, keeping away dirt and tiny rocks from building up inside against their legs; keeping them comfortable and protected.

So what are you waiting for? Come and buy your Kavallerie PRO-K Support Boots for Horses now!
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